Smith Center/Smith County Alternate Transportation

Starting immediately and for future reference……..

To all people in Smith County reference Volunteer Transportation:

The “Trial” period has been concluded and Starting on Jan 18, 2020 services will continue with the following guidelines:

1) Transportation will be provided only during hours and periods that the Smith Center City and Smith County vans are not available. Generally that will be from 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM Mon-Fri and 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM on Saturday & Sunday. Holidays will be served on an “if drivers are available” basis and should not be counted on.

2) Volunteers are not trained for, nor will they provide emergency transportation or Medical services! For Medical or Emergency services call 911.

3) Volunteer vehicles will not have wheel chair or other handicap specific capabilities.

4) Transportation provided will be curb to curb service.

5) Out of County transportation/All day trips will be arranged on an individual basis. 

6) Our drivers and their vehicles are vetted but customers are not to expect anything other than basic reliable transportation to and from their destination.

Fee schedule:

Volunteer does not mean “Free”. Our transportation service, while not intended to turn a profit, will not be taking outside funding at this time so, in order to find and keep reliable Volunteers, will charge riders in this manner:

(Note: Any monies owing the service for whatever purposes will need to be paid prior to receiving further service)

Also: Drivers cannot take credit or debt cards at this time. All service charges will need to be paid with cash or personal check at the time of service.

Effective as of Jan 18 2020 fees will be as follows:

1) A flat fee of $4.00 per trip whether one way or round trip. This covers in-town riders and up to 12 miles in total distance traveled.

2) A charge of $1.25 per each 15 minutes or part thereof to cover some of driver’s time. This fee will be charged from time of pickup to time of arrival at final destination or return home and includes “wait’ time.

3) A charge of $.25 per mile over 12 miles to defray fuel and help cover wear and tear on vehicle.

Examples would be: (Your trip will vary depending on distance and time involved.)

A) In Smith Center to bank and grocery store:
$4.00 base charge
No per mile charge (less than 12 miles)
$3.75 Driver’s time (example is for 45 minutes) from pick up to bank, wait, grocery store, wait, home.
Total $7.75.

B) Smith Center to Kensington to visit and return home.
$4.00 base charge
$4.50 mileage (18 miles over 12 miles @ $.25/mile)
$10.00 driver’s time from home to visit (1.5 hours) and return home)
Total $18.50

Thank you to all who participated in the trial period.

Many Thanks for Christmas Sharing

I wish to offer a big “Thank You” to the various Smith Center and Smith County Service clubs and organizations for sharing Christmas baskets around the county. They were all much appreciated:

Thanks to: The Smith Center Lions Club, Adelpha Club, United Methodist Women, American Lutheran Church WELCA, St. Mary’s Catholic Church Altar Society.

These clubs are comprised of people who care and for that we are thankful.